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Designing unique high-end travel and event experiences in Spain, Portugal & France

Founded on the idea that travel and events shall be an experience, we have focused on developing an “on spot” expertise ready to exceed the expectations of our discerned travellers. Our work is the result of first-hand knowledge and never-ending learning process that leads us to unsuspected places on our privileged destinations.

Following the latest trends, maintaining high standards in order to better advise our Partners on the creation of their new journeys is key to our company philosophy. We enter a new destination when we have the intimate conviction of managing all its beautifulness and complexity.



Privileged by its weather and vibrant by election, Spain has become an unmissable destination over the years. Fall in love, if you are not already, with its impressive heritage, its mouthwatering gastronomy and its welcoming people. Either you are a business or a leisure traveler, it has all you are looking for.


An Atlantic jewel of fascinating landscapes and beautiful architecture offering a range of properties and experiences that will match any travel organization.


A classic with elegance, rich history and delighting gastronomy, always reinventing itself to offer incomparable and classy experiences to all its travellers.

Our Team

Arif Akbas

Arif Akbaş

Managing Director
Shylean Jarraha

Shylean Jarraha

Junior Travel Designer


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Joshua Akbas

Joshua Akbaş

General Manager
Levent Ugurlu

Levent Uğurlu

Golf Travel Manager
Inci Yerli

İnci Yerli

Project Executive
José Boada Soler

José Boada Soler

Financial Manager
Marina Estelles Calatayud

Marina Estellés Calatayud

Travel & Event Designer
Eliya Akbas

Eliya Akbaş

Photographer & Videographer

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Provença, 310, 08037, Barcelona, Spain

Email: designer@momentsdmc.com

Phone: (+34) 934 120 150

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