Designing Your Event

Company-oriented high-end travel & event organisations.

Our Event Designers will be your trusted partners while organising congresses, fairs, incentives, delegations or sports events in our privileged destinations. We specialise in designing pleasant and efficient experiences for the corporate participants of M.I.C.E. organisations and in creating the atmosphere that will suit to your company’s signature and reinforce your brand vision on the market.

From the very first step, we will work hand in hand with you to define the target and find the best solutions to your event organisation. We see it as a team effort that demands a global thinking and understanding of your company’s identity and goals to reach new milestones for your entire team and brand.

  • Event Design

    Designing a unique theme or concept that will define the entire incentive & travel event and create an atmosphere that fits your corporate identity.

  • Detail Focus

    We do not leave our works to chance and keep a Swiss-made precision focus on all the single details that may require a global event organisation.

  • Managing Complexity

    Travel, event, organisation... It's an all in one equation to apprehend and execute with ease to make it look as simple as it should be for all participants.

  • Congresses & Fairs

    We are present on all the congresses and fairs taking place on our privileged destinations, offering any kind of services required for success.

  • Incentives, Product Launch...

    We provide you an end-to-end solution, conception & execution, to initiate the most powerful experience your company may offer to the world.

  • Sports Events

    Taking part to a team success by providing the most simple and peaceful environment a club may require to achieve its goal in total serenity.

  • Our Philosophy

    Ready to push the limits and design truly new and original projects. We challenge our travel expertise to offer our Partners an event that will make the difference.

  • Event Manager

    Keep calm and enjoy... One of our Event Designer will take care of your organisation in all serenity to achieve success and peace of mind before, during and after.

  • Partnership

    We aim to work hand in hand with you to ensure the most successful organisations and be one single team for your Guests. Share with us an upcoming project, we are here to make it true together.

Our Projects

Through our Partners, we work for some of the most important companies designing and executing their incentive and corporate journeys to ensure flawless business travel experiences.

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