Besalú is a wonderful medieval town which is located in the northeastern Catalonia. It’s in Girona and just 30 kms away from the French border. Between the 11th and 14th centuries, Romans, Visigoths and Moors had reigned the area.

As you take step over the 12th century Pont Vell bridge overlooking the Fluvia River, you begin your medieval Besalú experience.

The town’s narrow cobblestone streets, Romanesque and Gothic buildings that are built centuries ago, are fascinating points to visit. Sant Vicente and Sant Pere churches, which are from 11th century, and Micromundi Miniatures Museum are the must-see places. In the past Besalú was a part of old Jewish trade road “Caminos de Sefarad”. You may visit the Jewish building and hammams (Mikve de Besalú). You will also spot colorful pottery shops all around.

Plaça Libertat is the town square, where every Tuesday a local market is held. On the first week of September, it is the Besalú Medieval Festival. During these festivities, people dress in medieval clothes and perform in shows and participate in different activities.

While you’re wandering around town, you will definitely notice multiple chair statues which are placed in different places and facades of the buildings. These statues are designed and installed for an exhibition by the sculpter Ester Baulida in 1994. Based on its popularity, the local government decided to hold the exhibition permanently. In addition, Besalú is home to high-quality Catalan restaurants. With a glass of cava in hand, you may taste dishes such as fideua, a thin noodle-based paella.