Paris with Kids!

Paris always stands out as a city for romantic couples & art lovers, but what about for children? The idea of ​​traveling to art galleries or museums may initially seems like a boring idea for them, but it’s time to give this city some credit as it is full of activities geared towards kids.  The ideal stay in Paris for a family with children is from four to seven days. Depending on the season, there’s a wide-range of activities on offer.

In order for children to make the most of their trip, you will need to familiarize them to the things they will see and experience beforehand. The best method to do this by reading different books about the city or watching cartoons about Paris. As an example, the story book  Walk trough Paris which is about grandparents and their grandchildren’s adventures or the cartoon called A Monster in Paris. During your trip you can also buy a coloring book reflecting the city’s important works and with it you can color the places you have seen together during that day!

The ideal neighborhoods for accommodation with your kids are the Opéra, the Saint-Michel, and the Saint Germain districts. Thanks to their countless restaurants, boutiques and easy public transportation access, you can relax with your children and reach different points of the city.

On your day of arrival, explore your hotel’s surroundings so that you can start your journey the next day with high energy! For the remaining days, you can separate activities according to the rhythm of your children. First you can see emblematic historical sights that are considered to be unmissable: Eiffel Tower, Nôtre Dame Cathedral, Concorde Square, Champs Elysées street, Sacre Coeur – Monmartre Hill, Louvre Museum. During the Louvre & Concorde Square visit, do not forget to pass by the Jardin de Tuileries to sit on the benches, observe the Parisians and enjoy the moment. At the end of your day, after visiting the Nôtre Dame Cathedral, you can watch street performances of the skaters on the bridge. Before going on your combined Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysées visit, a short tour with a boat along the Seine River would give you a different perspective.

When you come to Paris, you will not be able to leave until you visit Disneyland Park. We recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance in order to reach it with the RER suburban train. In addition to all these classics, a break at the Colonnes de Buren-Les Deux Plateaux located at the back of the Palais Royal is a guaranteed relaxing moment where you can feel like a Parisian with your kids. It houses a collection of 260 pieces of black and white-striped Italian and French marble, with which you can create wonderful games. Another place where you can have a good time is Jardin D’acclimation, which has 39 different activities. This park, is one of the oldest entertainment centers in Paris. It has a zoo where you will observe different kinds of animals, there’s a botanical garden with different plant species and a park area with unique toys.

After a well-rounded travel experience, you will fully understand why Paris is always at the top of the list. A bientôt à Paris!