Madrid Hip Stops

Even though Barcelona is always a winner when a comparison is done between the two, I think there is a lot to love about Madrid too!

Walking route in the Morning

My favourite neighbourhoods are Chueca and Malasaña! Chueca is known as the gay neighborhood of Madrid. It is in the center of Madrid, it is extremely lively 24/7 with many cafes, restaurants, book shops and boutique shops.

When you get out from the metro of Chueca, you’ll find yourself in the Chueca square. It takes its name from Federico Chueca who was a famous Spanish composer and author. Walk around the streets, visit Mercado San Anton to see all the fresh food and snacks. Go up to its terrace to have a drink. Then walk on the streets Fuencarral, Barquillo and Hortaleza – these are the most famous streets with shops. Check out concept stores like AMEN, Do Design, El Moderno and Isolee.

Malasaña is right next to Chueca. Take a break in La Bicicleta coffee or Naif. One of the best coffee shops of Madrid is also here: Toma Café! After having a coffee, turn your wheel towards the center and walk to Mercado de San Miguel. This marketplace is one of the most famous (if not the most) of Madrid and you can find every taste, literally everything that Madrid has to offer. But don’t be tempted to eat a lot because we are on our way to lunch!

Lunch time!

Calle de la Cava Baja is a famous Street full of tapas bars and restaurants and you may feel overwhelmed while choosing a place to eat! One of the most recommended is Casa Lucio. I heard a lot of good comments about it though I never went – because my favourite is just next to it and it sounds very similar: Casa Lucas! After lunch, walk through through Lavapiés, which is a neighbourhood that has a high immigrant residents’ rate. Here you’ll come across a lot of cool graffiti art, especially on Embajadores street. If it is a Sunday, you should also visit the flea market El Rastro! Walking past one of the most famous museums of Madrid, Reina Sofia, you’ll end up in Retiro Park – the biggest park of this city. This is a great place to chill, enjoy some greenery.

In the Evening

After chilling a bit in the park, head to your hotel, change and go for a nice dinner! If you are looking for a fancier spot to spend the night, Ten Con Ten, Amazónico or Tatel will be my suggestions. If not, a really cool laboratory-looking restaurant Sala de Despiece is your destination! After dinner, don’t forget to enjoy a drink on the terrace of Bellas Artes.

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