Brunch in the City

Brunch in the City is an open-air event with a nice ambiance, a large selection of gastronomy to choose from and of course, one of the best electronic music events in the city. Here the sounds of the well-known national and international DJ’s vibrate the atmosphere.

The event starts at “vermouth hour” and ends at sunset, making it ideal for locals or tourists to enjoy their weekend with friends and family. Its location is typically at Poble Espanyol, a charming village representing Spanish cities in the Montjuic Mountain, but for the event on the 13thof May it will be at Parc del Fòrum.

Petit Brunch, a side event, is also the perfect place for families with kids as it offers a variety of activities for parents to share their passion for electronic music with their kids.

Be sure to check out this musical feast when in Barcelona!

<em>Atmosphere at Poble Espanyol </em>

Upcoming events:
May 13th, 2018, Petit Amfiteatre del Mar (Fòrum)
Omar-S, Jasper James, Mr. Scruff, Marcello Giordani, Dj Zero b2b Ivy Barkakati
May 27th, 2018, Poble Espanyol

Maya Jane Coles, Special Request, Lazare Hoche, Baldo, Nøhla (live), Baldo
June 10th, 2018, Poble Espanyol

Move D, Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers (live), Byron The Aquarius, Asaf Samuel, Sano, Alicia Carrera