Camp in Mallorca

I honestly love camping as it gives you so much freedom and allows you to connect with so many people from all walks of life!

My boyfriend and I decided to go camping on the island of Mallorca in Spain (the perfect way to get to know your partner further, by the way). As the decision to go was quite last minute we chose a camping area where you have basic shared amenities such as a kitchen and a toilet. We opted out of free camping which is a bit harder since we didn’t want to test our nature survival skills just yet and it is important to note that in Mallorca you are not allowed to do free camping on your own anyways.

A quick search on the internet and we found our place! We got our flights and the next day we were already in Mallorca!

Mallorca is a big island. You either need to rent a car, van or motorbike. We rented a small car and drove to a supermarket to buy some food and drinks for our seven-day camping journey. As per our needs we bought water, bread, fruit, pasta and some cheese to make sandwiches. After finishing our shopping, we arrived at our camping area. Oh my god! What a spectacular sight! Around us there were fig & grape trees. The camping area was very simple. In the middle it has a cold pool where you can float around in a swim ring, it has a shared kitchen where there is one refrigerator, one bathroom with a shower and an open shower covered with trees. Simple and perfect! We settled everything, chatted a bit with the amazing people in the area and drove directly to discover the “calas” aka coves. The sea in Mallorca is is the color of turquoise, it is a true paradise. I suggest not going to Mallorca in August as there are lots of people. Sometimes you cannot even put your towel on the beach to relax. Under that heat, it is a bit frustrating to search for a perfect spot.

<em>Me in a hammock taking in the beauty </em>

The sunsets were the best moments of our trip. While sipping wine in the camping with a fantastic view of Mallorca and having a good conversation with new people we met, it surely was a priceless experience! For seven days we did not go to any restaurants or bars because our camping area and the people were amazingly satisfying! After sunset, everyone was starting to cook in the kitchen and eating all together, tasting each other’s cuisines and sharing experiences.

Typically, every day we would live the same relaxing routine and at times we would change our routes to go to the beaches and meet new people in the camping area. Yet again, you’re happy with the simplicity that Mallorca and the camping offer.

If you need any advice for an upcoming trip to Mallorca, please contact us! We would be happy to offer any type of experience you are looking for!