La Confitería

La Confitería bar, one of the legendary places in town, was a modernist patisserie and confectionery in Barcelona from 1912 till 1980’s. La Confíteria revived with the new owners in 1990 and in 2015, as one of the most loved local bars. Most of the frequenters define the place as a door opening to the past, they come to feel the spirit of former decades. The bar has protected its facade and decoration and also added some antique pieces like an old-fashioned cash register in addition to other furniture to improve its historical ambiance.

Besides plenty of different cocktail choices, the kitchen of the bar, which is established in the workshop of the old patisserie, is quite well-known. On the menu there are fresh and high-quality local products. Some dishes are prepared with the food preserving methods of the 1910’s, such as smoked meats, artisan cheeses and canned fish.

Vermouth, one of Catalonia’s favorite aperitifs, should be tasted here! It is produced by maturating wine with healthy and fragrant herbs and roots. Apart from that, you can appreciate various cocktail options with their captivating presentations. For instance, Alice, a reference to Alice in Wonderland, is a cocktail which is served in a teacup. Moreover, there are some cocktail options in different cups such as marmalade jars and a miniature bathtub. Some of them include fig candies and apricot jams which are attribute to the its confectionery past. These cocktail options harmonize with the historical ambiance of the bar.

<em>The Alice cocktail </em>

La Confitería is located in Sant Pau street in El Raval district. It is recommended as an ideal bar to witness a local experience. In the evening, you may enjoy a romantic and intimate dinner accompanied by delicious aperitifs, following its extensive cocktail options.

Carrer de Sant Pau, 128, 08001 Barcelona |