La Medusa 73

An unexpected place to have a meal of your own. This nice restaurant, which looks more like a bar, is located inside one of the coveted closed markets in Barcelona’s Eixample district, Mercat del Ninot.

You will originally go to the market to buy your groceries and local goods but will end up sitting at this bar for a drink. Glancing at the menu and looking at your neighbor’s plates, it is hard to resist having a meal here! Since you came here to initially shop, your gastronomical experience could even influence your shopping to follow!

La Medusa 73´s team and chef will step into the spotlight to figure out an incredibly original meal just for you. Of course, as we are inside a market, all ingredients are incredibly fresh but most amazingly; you will end up your meal wanted to pay a bigger tip than the bill itself as you will discover your unique tailor-made menu is finally very affordable. A great spot to check out alone, on a date and with friends. A gastronomical gem in an unexpected place!

La Medusa 73 | Mercat del Ninot, Mallorca, 135, 08036 Barcelona