“It’s a restaurant with soul, people’s jaws drop as they walk in” – Jaime Tejedor

The unasuming exterior creates an air of mystery as you enter the building housing Rilke – one of the newest trendiest foodie spots in the city. The space is an ode to the past. It’s classical demeanour combined with it’s pinks, oranges, greens, carved wood, velvet and leather fabrics, are the right amount of modernity, hinting at its innovative nature both in design and gastronomy.

<em>Dining area overlooking outside patio </em>

The head chefs, Jaime Tejedor and Rafa Peña come from a modern cooking background which they have integrated into Rilke. They are preparing classical Catalan food with a modern & simple twist. Visually they believe it is important for them to always keep the plates simple and clean, the complexities are in the preparation and the cooking process of the dishes. Each dish is rich with in-season products, an aspect that inspires the chefs to constantly test, create and innovate.

The cocktail bar is run by mixologist Juan Serrano. Rebelling against the classical aspect of the restaurant, he combines unique liquors and presents them in an elegant yet surprising manner.


Carrer de Mallorca 275, 08008, Barcelona |